Custom Foam Inserts

Custom Foam Inserts

Designing and manufacturing the correct foam internals is a major part of the protective packaging solution as many customers need custom foam inserts!

At Extreme we are very fortunate to have gained the experience of working with a wide range of foams, but primarily we have had involvement with  high performance Plastazote foams. The regular cell size of these foams makes them highly energy absorbent... ideal materials for protective packaging.

The foams are ideal for the Defence market and meet or exceed the following military requirements
• Foam for general purpose packaging.
• High density foam for general purpose packaging.
• Foam for explosive compatible packaging.


  • Inert
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Resilient to chemicals & water
  • Static dissipative foams available
  • Flame retardant foams available
  • Easy to process & manipulate
  • Highly energy absorbent
  • UV stable
  • Tough & resilient
  • Pure: will not cause corrosion or staining
  • Insulative
  • Buoyant
  • Good aesthetics


  • 5 CNC twin-head routers
  • CNC Press
  • Conversion facilities
  • Fabrication skills
  • Leading 3D CAD facilities and a professional design team
  • Stockholding – main grades LD18-29-33-45
  • Range of colours


Plastazote is a crosslinked, closed cell foam, physically blown using a unique, environmentally friendly, high-pressure nitrogen gas solution process.

Critical electronics assemblies and equipment are known to be susceptible to "static zap". To overcome this potential problem, Plastazote produces permanently static dissipative, protective foams. These foams incorporate a non-corrosive, totally encapsulated conductive component in their make-up that provides bulk conduction of static without the need for atmospheric moisture, making it non-reliant on environmental conditions.

Summary of Features

  • Designed engineered and manufactured without compromise in the UK.
  • Main grades LD18-29-33-45
  • Light, uv stable, touch, range of colours etc
  • Leading 3D CAD facilities and a professional design team