Smart Beam Interactive Planning System

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A unique ruggedized interactive presentation and planning tool.

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Product Description

A unique ruggedized interactive presentation and planning tool.
From classroom to emergency planning, the Extreme interactive planning system Projector is designed to be used in the toughest of environments. One man portable, the unit can be easily and quickly set up to make any surface interactive – including a table top.

Developed with the support of General Dynamics UK’s EDGE UK® initiative,the SMART BEAM™ system utilising innovative COTS technology allows collaborative work on documents or multimedia files on any surface to make group projects and activities truly interactive:

  • HDMI – high-definition content can be displayed with maximum clarity
  • PC-Free annotation — write on projected images from iPads, document cameras and Blu-Ray players, without ever connecting to a computer
  • Innovative pen technology allows two users to annotate simultaneously
  • Compatible with Epson’s iProjection™ App that allows remote projection of images from Apple and Android devices.
  • Automatic calibration and driver-less installation means that set-up is extremely fast and easy
  • Very bright output: 3,100 lumens White/Colour Light Output
  • Save & send feature for all mark-ups and notations
  • Use without casting a shadow thanks to the ultra-short-throw design
  • Co-ordinate multiple feeds in one location; including video
  • Versatile network connectivity —for remote audio/video presentations and control; optional wireless capabilities for even greater flexibility
  • Instant-off power – no time-consuming cool down required
  • 16W built-in speaker
  • Long Lamp life of 4,000 hrs


The SMART BEAM™ systems is designed for rapid set up & operation in order to project either onto a flat surface such as a table or more conventionally onto a wall or screen

  •  USB ‘plug-and-play’ functionality
  • Quick start and instant off features
  • Only 17kg, highly portable by a single person in its rugged lightweight, shockmounted caseSmart Bean Interactive Planner
  • Optional backpack attachment or wheeled unit
  • Protective padded front Laptop pocket
  • Quick slide-out mechanism from the protective housing into two operational positions  


Heads Down Mode

Designed for discreet, rapid deployment. Operated within the bag creating a high level of environmental protection yet still maintaining the Smart Beam’s interactive capability.

Maximum interactive screen size: 1230x780mmSmart Beam Interactive Planner

Heads Up Mode

Designed to raise the Smart Beam to its highest position for full screen large group interactive planning and meetings.

Maximum interactive screen size: 2260mm x 1420mm

Additional Information

Weight 19.5 kg
Dimensions 570 x 570 x 330 mm


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