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With the current climate, the UK government is looking for manufacturers to step forward to support the medical effort to combat the current Pandemic.  With that in mind, Extreme Cases will help and support where we can.  Extreme can supply the following off the shelf items which are widely used in both Civilian and Military Medical sectors:

‘Deep Drawn Enclosures’

Available in hundreds of standard sizes, ZERO's drawn cans, housings and enclosures can be modified and customised according to your exact specifications and application.  Available in rectangular, square, round/circular housings, cans, boxes, covers, nutplates, and a wide range of ARINC, round and square flanged housings.

‘Clinical Transport Containers’

Off the shelf watertight cases in a variety of sizes.  Custom foam interior is available.  Extreme work closely with both HPRC and SKB with excellent stock levels for immediate delivery.  You can buy the standard watertight cases through our online shop….or speak to the Extreme team about custom/oem applications.

We have excellent experience and knowledge in designing custom protective machined foam inserts, bespoke electronics mounting metal work, stitched inserts and custom labelling.

To view standard brochures of ZERO Stock enclosures and SKB waterproof transport cases along with current stock lists, please click the below

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