Custom Bags & Pouches

As the market increasingly demands smaller lighter products reflected in the growth of 19"/2 electronics, we've taken a look at how the Extreme range can adapt to meet this with a range of custom bags. Lightweight and portable, yet offering protection from shock, vibration and the environment we think we've cracked it with the Ballistic range of 19"/2 shock mounted products.

A shock mounted unit in a rigid housing wrapped in a ballistic nylon 'skin', the Ballistic range gives the benefits of rigid protective case in a portable format.

Below you can find the features of our shock mounted backpacks.

Extreme Cases specialise in all types of stitched pouches and bags including watertight modular bags.  Speak to the team for any stitched product enquiries, with no minimum order quantity we can also prototype quickly and efficiently in the UK.

Summary of Features

  • Designed engineered and manufactured without compromise in the UK.
  • Made from 1000 denier Ballistic Nylon outer 'skin', designed to suit equipment and applications.
  • Shock mounts to meet the application, strong, shielded, effective and proven.
  • Full made to order, customisation and design available.  Small runs, prototypes and large volume projects are accepted.

User Friendly

  • Modular system; holdall, rucksackand vehicle mount options
  • Pocket and pouches designed to suit equipment and applications
  • 3-way shoulder strap adjustment(aids on-the-move comfort)
  • Air-vent circulation for coolingand to wick sweat away


  • Shock mounts designed to meet the application, environment and equipment
  • Weatherproof construction
  • Patent-protected, ergonomical back system developed with a spinal surgeon from the Royal College ofPhysicians (RCS
  • This modular harness system has stress tolerance to exceed a 100kg payload... and a breaking strain of 3411nm, enough to pull a Transit.
  • Effective and proven EMI shielding methods
  • Our engineering supports most CAD formats
  • Photo realistic 3D images to model your equipment


  • Strong stainless steel equipment rack
  • High tensile aluminium protective housing
  • Foam Lined 1000 denier Ballistic Nylon outer 'skin'
  • Natural rubber shock mounts designedspecifically for sensitive equipment'
  • Over Zip' covers to protect from water and dust ingress
  • Back unit protects the spine and distributes weight correctly along the back
  • Custom machined foam inserts to protect and hold content