Zero Cases

Extreme Cases are the Exclusive European partners of Zero Manufacturing Inc

In early 2018 Zero Manufacturing Inc & Extreme Cases reached an exciting agreement that Extreme Cases will look after all sales and enquiries for Zero Manufacturing Inc in Europe – we both believe this partnership will best support all of the current and new Zero customers in the European Community and with the expertise and knowledge that Extreme brings it will enhance the support needed.


Modular Containers

Zero's Modular cases and containers provide a highly reliable, cost effective alternative to other types of shipping, storage and transit solutions by providing standard and custom-designed durability and protection.

Modular Containers are made from light-weight aluminium and make exceptional reusable shipping and storage containers. One of the major economies to be gained in specifying aluminium Modular Containers is that they are "reusable". Your first cost is your last cost when you choose these rugged shipping and storage containers. Not only does the unique construction hold weight down to a minimum, but the Modular Container also has a high strength-to-weight ratio for maximum protection at minimum transport cost. It can pay for itself in transportation savings alone.

Clients for modular containers include NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin.

Modular containers are: Airtight, watertight, sand and dust proof, ignition-proof, optional shock and isolation protection, and they offer protection against rust, fungus, interference and humidity.


Compliant Standards

SAE-AMS-STD-1595, AWS-D17.1, AWS-D-17.2, SAE-AMS-W-6858, SAE-AMS2770, MIL-I-45208,

MIL-STD-45662, ANSI / ASQ Z1.4-2008, MIL-DTL-5541, MIL-A-8625, MIL-PRF-23377, MIL-PRF-85582, MIL-STD-171, DOD-P-15328, MIL-DTL-53072, MIL-STD-108, MIL-DTL-14072,

MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-130, MIL-PRF-28800

Deep Drawn Enclosures

ZERO is the premier source worldwide for Deep Drawn rectangular, square, round/circular housings, cans, boxes, covers, nutplates, and a wide range of ARINC, round and square flanged housings. Available in hundreds of standard sizes, ZERO's drawn cans, housings and enclosures can be modified and customised according to your exact specifications and application.


Immersion Test per MIL-STD-810, Method 512.1, Procedure 1 – “No Leakage is Permitted”

Transportation Vibration Level per MIL-STD-810, Method 514.2, Procedure X, Curve A X, for 84 Minutes

Drop Test with Simulated Load, shall be dropped eight (8) times from 36” onto a rigid steel frame, container must still be serviceable with operative hinges, latches, handles intact dunnage and no broken parts, de-bonds or broken welds

Deep Drawn Aluminium Cases

ZERO's still has the most extensive range of deep drawn Cases on the market today. For over 60 years the strength and durability of these cases has been well proven in the field.
Featuring the classic look of a ZERO case:
Centurion® Elite:
The seamless, sleek surfaces of the deep drawn aluminum case shells, accented by their distinctive styling beads, are available in either a clear anodized finish or in a textured black powder paint finish.
Dust and weather resistant, and every case is strong enough to stand on, thanks to specially heat treated shells. Despite its strength, even the largest case weighs only 7.6kg.
Centurion® Polaris Watertight Cases
For the ultimate in lightweight, Mil-Std 108 watertight carrying instrument cases, the Polaris series features deep drawn, heat treated aluminum case shells with wrinkle-free surfaces, accented by distinctive styling beads. Sturdy and durable, Polaris cases are strong enough to stand on, yet are ultra lightweight and rugged enough to protect instruments and your valuables from the elements. 
Polaris Cases are available in a variety of heights, finishes and with a choice of closures, and three different panel mounting flanges.
Val-An Transit Cases and Instrument Cases
Watertight, Mil-Std 108 deep drawn cases. Highly customisable to meet a wide range of extreme applications. Choice of closure type, panel flange and/or inner lid and finish. 
52 width and length combinations, and a wide range of depths to choose from.
Pressure relief valve as standard.
Contact the Extreme for a full list of available options.


Water-tight construction meets MIL-STD-108