19” Shock Mounted Rack Transit Cases

We've engineered the Extreme range of 19" & 19/2 Shock mounted rack cases without compromise. Involving integrators and end-users in the initial design of our 19" shock mounted cases enabled us to include unique features that make life easier for integrators and user-friendly for operators.

Flexibility is what we are about. Whether engineering products to your exact requirements or meeting the demands of UOR 's, we understand the needs of today's dynamic market.



  • Stainless steel configurable rack
  • High tensile aluminium body
  • Reinforced corners
  • Unique double latch pockets for recessing connectors
  • Valves & indicators
  • Extreme Gummi (skirt seals) offering weatherproof protection with the covers off
  • Options of external finishes


  • Anti-vibration & shock mounts designed to meet the application, environment & equipment
  • Effective and proven EMI shielding methods
  • Range of climate control solutions
  • Our engineering supports most CAD formats
  • Photo realistic 3D images to model your equipment

User Friendly

  • Slide out shock mounted rack makes integration easy
  • Configurable rack length and 19" mounting positions where you want them
  • Quick release 'T' latches with positive locking mechanism
  • Positive 'push fit' interchangeable covers
  • Recessed carry handles with snap-back extra-long grips suitable for arctic mitts
  • Engineered to be lightweight without sacrificing strength
  • Slide and locate recessed stacking feature
  • Quick release Gummi (Skirt Seal) for easy maintenance

Summary of Features

  • Dropped, shaken and subjected to environments of Mil-Std 810F and IP65.
  • Designed engineered and manufactured without compromise in the UK.
  • Made from high strength aluminium alloy with a stainless steel rack and uses natural rubber anti vibration mounts as standard.
  • Stacking feature designed for easy to locate slide-on stack, valves and indicators, extreme gummi and slide out rack for easy integration.