Custom Aluminium Carry Cases

The choice of equipment cases becomes limited if you have specific requirements such as shielding, weight and size limitations. That's where the flexibility of the Extreme Transporter Custom Aluminium equipment cases comes into its own. 

Manufacturing from aluminium means it's up to 40% lighter than moulded plastic case equivalents, can easily be shielded and made to your exact specification.

Our aluminium carry cases are engineered to be lightweight without compromise.  They are made from high strength aluminium alloy offering optimal tensile and sheer strength.



  • Precision welded high tensile custom aluminium body
  • Weather-proof seal
  • Guarded latches
  • Custom design foam internals to hold and protect valuable equipment

User Friendly

  • Quick release guarded latches
  • Positive fit covers
  • Comfi-fit handle grip
  • Engineered to be lightweight without sacrificing strength
  • Stacking feature
  • Wide range of options and accessories


  • Fittings: Recessed or surface mounted handles, recessed or surface mounted latches, hinged or lift off lid.
  • Body: Recessed connector / Component bulkheads, heat sinks, shielded options, range of paint finishes.
  • Internal: Full gaketed panel mounting flange, custom panels, bespoke foam fittings, threaded inserts and bushes as required, AV mounted chassis.  


  • Dropped from 900mm with equipment; total weight 22kg. case still opened AND closed, and equipment undamaged
  • Options for electronic equipment integration, panel mount flange and recessed bulkheads
  • Options on pressure equalisation valves and humidity indicators
  • Effective and proven EMI shielding methods
  • Our engineering supports most CAD formats
  • Photo realistic 3D images to model your equipment

Summary of Features

  • Designed engineered and manufactured without compromise in the UK.
  • Made from a special high-tensile aluminium alloy providing a lightweight container with a weatherproof seal.
  • Any size, guarded latches, lightweight and stacking features.
  • Completely customisable: shielding, finish, foam inserts and integration.