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Extreme Cases Product Testing & Certification

Don't just take our word for it. Our products quality to withstand the environments they are designed for is proven.

Our custom cases are built for the environments where you require the ultimate protection.

Extreme Cases products are tested by independently accredited laboratories against all the relevant standards that are required. The facilities where the products are manufactured are audited annually to ensure that quality and safety standards are being maintained consistently.

Tests Performed by TUV Product Services, Fareham Testing and certifications are given below.

TUV testing & certification



Procedure I Category 4 Vibration profile as Figure 514.5C-3 Duration 1 hour per axis in each of 3 axes.

Drop Test (Free Fall) 

AEPP-3 Procedure C -1.0m drop height onto all faces TUV (UKAS)

Ingress Protection

BS EN 60529:1992 -Tested to IP65 (Cat 1) PTL (UKAS)

High Temperature

Procedure II - Operation – 24 hours @ +52°C

Temperature Shock

4 hours @ +85°C Lowered within 5 minutes to -43°C then raised within 5 minutes to +85°C Perform 3 cycles


Procedure I – Functional Shock
Terminal Peak Sawtooth Pulse, 20g 11ms, 3 shocks in each direction of each axis

Vibration Test

AEPP-3 Procedure P -5-350 Hz frequency sweep in  each of 3 planes for 2 hours.

Stacking Test

AEPP-3 Procedure A -24hr constant downward vertical force, simulating a 4m stack TUV (UKAS)

Corrosion Test

BS EN ISO 9227:2006 

Low Temperature

Procedure I – Storage – 48 hours @ -51°C

Sand & Dust

Procedure I – Blowing Dust - Concentration 10.6±7g/m3Velocity 1.5 m/s duration 6 hours at ambient and 6 hours at high temperature.

Ingress Protection (Water)

Tested to IP65.


Based on AEPP-1 Para 319. Based on TL-8115-0047 -Tested to 1500N (153kg) Protex (Manufacturer)

Transit Shock

Procedure IV – Transit Drop 26 drops Drop height 122cm

Salt Fog

48 hours exposure + 48 hours drying time


60°C 95%RH, 96 hours duration

Structural Integrity

Based on AEPP-1 Para 409 (see table III, note 2). Based on TL-8115-0047 - Tested over/under pressure beyond cracking pressure of relief valve TUV (UKAS)

LD Vibration Test

Drop Test

Shock Vibration Test