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New Website Refresh 2015

We’ve been very busy giving our new website a spring clean….We’ve added lots more technical information and product images for all our aluminium cases and containers. Have a look at some of the exciting applications involving Extreme case from the last 6 years.

The Extreme Web shop has also been re-vamped, lots of exciting new products for you to browse, and buy! Including agreat range of MIL standard Smart Phone and Tablet Cases. To celebrate the launch of the the website take a look at our online shop and use the following code at the checkout stage to receive a 15% discount: LAUNCH15

Have a good browse, let us have any feedback about the site and come on back for frequent news and updates.

We are more Rock n Roll than you thought

We are more Rock n Roll than you thought

Just to prove that we are not just about supplying the defence industry. Here are piccies from on the road with new  band Decade. Their guitar tech has chosen a HPRC 4300ew as the perfect case for all his bits!

Have a look here for more products from the HPRC range of cases.

Or contact the Extreme team if you need something more customised.

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If the Hulk had a lunch box…

We reckon it would look just like this!

The new Extreme ½ 19” shock mounted rack case.  A new addition to our range of aluminium cases and containers this case is as tough as it looks.

Made exactly the same as our Mil-Std 810F standard shock mounted cases, but for electronics built to ½ standard 19” dimensions.

As usual we build to suit the application – U height , rack length,  single cover , double cover can all be customized to suit the specification.

The case features:

  • Positive locking ¼ turn latches
  • Manual pressure release valve
  • Easy locate stacking feature
  • Recessed wide bail handles
  • Weathertight seal.
  • Optional Skirt seals
  • Natural rubber rack mounts

Contact the Extreme team for more information on this or any other of our products.

Some say Extreme has gone soft….

Most people associate us with rugged hard cases, aluminium containers, watertight Peli & HPRC cases.  More and more we are being asked to provide  custom solutions in man portable formats….backpacks, rucksacks, pouches and all sorts of stitched products have become an addition to what the Extreme team can offer.

Recent contracts include special pouches for tactical radios molle attached to a Karrimor SF patrol rucksack (also supplied by Extreme) and a neat rucksack for a HPRC watertight case.

We have also recently delivered more of the shock mounted rucksack units for the MUP supplied to the Bundeswehr.

Extreme are resellers for Karrimor SF. A range of Backpacks and Military Rucksacks designed for the most challenging environments. Used by the British Armed Forces, specialist police departments, climbers, adventurers  and anyone demanding the most from their equipment.

Give us a call if you need to chat about stitched products or any other of the Extreme products.

Obwan - Standalone Wireless Solution

OBWAN – Standalone Wireless Solution


The Extreme team were asked to design a case to house the very clever Outside Broadcast Wide Area Network (OBWAN) kit by AVMI.

They needed something lightweight, rugged and in a backpack. Using the HPRC 3500E rugged back pack we think we’ve come up with a perfect solution.

OBWAN is a standalone mobile broadcast solution. The system has been designed to allow 1st responders to easily provide live video links. Using the HPRC  (high performance resin case) offers great environmental and physical protection when being used in the field.

Via the antenna mounted to the backpack the unit utilises any of the available networks, 3G, 4G, LTE, Wi-Fi, Ethernet WAN and VSAT.

The OBWAN is not limited to providing live video links, it can also provide ad-hoc internet connectivity in the field to any IP enabled device, either via it’s Wi-Fi access point or via a hard wired Ethernet connection. Utilising the 256k AES encrypted tunnel it is also possible to connect your devices back to the data centre, providing full two way IP connectivity between your office and the unit

in the field. Simple to use, a single power button activates the unit .

The waterproof button and connector ports are discreetly fitted behind the handle on the top of the backpack.

What a great solution for wireless on the move!

Contact the Extreme team for any further details on our cases and services.

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