Free Delivery

Free delivery

Just a quick message to say the issues we had with the web shop are all resolved.

You will also notice that we’ve now include free delivery on all UK orders.

Makes life a bit easier for us all.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the shop or Extreme products.

HPRC Smart Beam case

HPRC Smart Beam Case

Just shipped this to Cubic Field Services in Canada … Its our new Beam Box!

This is based on the HPRC 2800 its perfect to ship and protect the Extreme Cases Smart Beam interactive projector.

The HPRC (High-Performance Resin Cases) 2800WE Trunk Case is a lightweight, waterproof, unbreakable case with wheels! It meets ATA 300 specifications for transit cases. The hard-resin shells are virtually unbreakable, and the interior rubber O-rings keep the case air and watertight. The HPRC wheeled cases have a smooth low-profile housing for the high-strength aluminum telescope handle. The case also comes with smooth-gliding wheels, soft-grip handle for carrying and an air pressure release valve. HPRC cases are also backed by a lifetime replacement warranty.

Carbon Fibre Case for Bundeswehr

Carbon Flyer

For those regular visitors to the Extreme Cases site, you will know that at the end of last year we successfully supplied several Carbon Fibre cases to Steep GmbH…

The contract was for a lightweight secure communications system for the Bundeswehr – German Army. The equip,emt was previously designed into a Copolymer Polypropylene watertight case that weighed at just at over 9kg…. after some quick thinking, engineering and design we managed to reduce the weight to just 3.8kg – quite impressive don’t you think?!

Needless to say, the customer was happy and we were also extremely pleased with the end product!

If you would like more details on the carbon fibre product including sizes, capabilities, fittings, etc, please click here.

You can also contact us with any fibre requirements you have!

HPRC Cases made in Italy

Italy in the spring

This week I was lucky enough to visit our new supplier Plaber in Italy to find out more about the amazing range of HPRC cases. For those who don’t know, Plaber is the company, HPRC the brand of cases. Based on the outskirts of the beautiful city of Bassano del Grappa in the shadows of Monte Grappa and Asiago Mountains its an amazing place to visit…once I had got over the trials of flying Ryanair and driving in Italy.

Thought I would give you all an update on what I found out on my trip.

Firstly I was really impressed by the level of flexibility, if you want different colours, holes for connectors, branding and custom internals, then these guys are really geared up to support bespoke requirements.

Then there’s the product itself – I was determined to find out more about the mysterious TTX01 resin used to make the cases. Turns out it is a bit of a secret blend. Forgetting the science, what it means is that you not only have a lightweight case, but they are really tough. I saw a new case that’s just been through Def-Stan 81-41 drop tests with a full 50 kg load on every face including the wheels, have to say it looked in very good nick – totally functional, wheels, latches, hinges all working fine..impressive .

Also interesting to hear that the TTX01 also means that that the case out performs other similar products in extreme temperatures, especially the cold.

It was also great to have a look around the manufacturing facility, good Italian family run business with a load of injection moulding and plastics experience.

Also got a sneak preview of 3 new products for this year. Plaber HPRC has a very active product development program bringing out several new products every year. Watch this space for news including the very exciting HPRCx4 coming soon.

Karrimor SF rucksack in use

Karrimor SF – new range of rucksacks!

We hope you are keeping up with all the news coming out of the Extreme camp at the moment! One of the exciting bits of news is the new products we’ve added to our online shop… the Karrimor SF range of rucksacks…and they have no shortage of Celebrity users.
Notably iconic Olympian James Cracknell is the Karrimor Brand Ambassador. He is getting a lot of media coverage at present with the launch of his new show being aired on the Discovery Channel – 9pm Sunday evenings. The series is titled ‘Worlds Toughest Expeditions with James Cracknell’ where he investigates the world of exploration.

You will see the Karrimor SF Sabre 60-100 being used in action as James comes across a double dose of pain by first stumbling across a bee hive in the rainforest, then wading through a swamp infested with mosquitos.

The Karrimor SF Sabre 60-100 is heavily loaded as he tries to make his way through the swamp but the rucksack more than stands up to the task.

You have to admire what James has put himself through to make this documentary and we are very pleased to see he chose to use a Karrimor SF rucksack to support his challenge.